Most of web developers might have come across email sending feature for any web forms. If you are using CMS, you might have many plugins for this. Contact form7, Ninja forms etc are popular in WordPress.

Last week we had a client whose website is developed using CodeIgniter. One of the big issues is client is not getting email notifications when form is submitted. Client was using Godaddy for website and Google apps for email server. We did lot of research, used email log plugin to troubleshoot. Some said to use “localhost”..some said to use “relaysmtp…”. But nothing worked, we used SMTP plugin. Even then no luck.

We were hitting our head. Fortunately we got emails to other domains. Then we moved email server back to Godaddy…thought we got it…NO…the problem still remain. We spoke to Godaddy support…Online support is really AWESOME. They asked “are you sending from control panel?”..huh..our issue was escalated to next level.

At last, Godaddy support help in identifying the problem with SPF/DKIM records configuration. We edited it and cleared the issue,a BIG relief. We took 5 complete days for all these process….but finally client HAPPY and we too.